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  • Added by: haohuo @ 15 Nov 2012 14:57
    The world's best mountain athletes
    Significant increase in the autumn and winter travel, the chance encounter bad weather, wearing a full-featured Jackets, wind, frost, rain and snow will not cause illness, combined with the warm and breathable, human comfort has also been fully protected, for spending more versus buy general coat is worth. http://www.thenorthfacejacketsoutlet.com/ So, for the average consumer, how to choose a bed of roses Jackets it? Integrated up to the people to the advice given, can be considered from the following aspects: Fabric The fabric is the key to determine Jackets quality. From the material can be basically divided into two categories: one is the the microporous EPTFE laminating fabrics, GORE-TEX, DENTIK, EVENT is basically divided into three kinds. It waterproof breathable functionality on the garment's outer fabric composite layer of microporous film, microporous smaller than the drop of water molecules, than the gas molecules, can stop the rain while volatile own sweat; another PU or TPU coating (or laminating) the hydrophilic-type fabric, its function is to achieve rely on nonporous waterproof layer and a hydrophilic molecular chain structure. EPTFE class waterproof, breathable performance, http://www.thenorthfaceukjacket.com/especially in the low-temperature state was stable for a wide range of advantages. The disadvantage is the washability slightly worse, higher prices; the PU class fabrics advantage durability, cheap. The disadvantage is that th ...

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